Outdoor Alarm Siren with LED Strobe Light

///Outdoor Alarm Siren with LED Strobe Light

Outdoor Alarm Siren with LED Strobe Light


Outdoor Alarm Siren with LED Strobe Light

  • Wireless Communication
  • Backup Battery
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Smanos Sensor
  • Expandable Security System

Outdoor Alarm Siren with LED Strobe Light

As an outdoor-rated weatherproof siren, SS2800 is born to protect your courtyards, underground garages and the balconies together with smanos security system, which would make sense if your neighbors could be of help when hearing the siren nearby.
For a loud siren that is supposed to enhance the level and features of a home security system, SS2800 plays as well as it should.

  • Easy installation, Compatible with most of smanos Plugs
  • The unit can also work independently without control panels or gateways
  • It can send signals to the siren when triggered after get paired with smanos motion sensors or detectors
  • It supports to connect with up to 50 smanos accessories Maximumly such as door& window sensors, pet-immune motion detectors and more to achieve a more secure life.

Outdoor Alarm Siren with LED Strobe Light Features

  • WIRELESS COMMUNICATION WITH SMANOS HUBS – The Smanos SS2800 Outdoor Siren can be used as a control panel for other Smanos devices or connected to another Smanos control panel, such as the W120, W100 or X330. Smanos makes a variety of security systems and devices with motion/door sensors, indoor and outdoor sirens, WiFi HD cameras, and more.
  • BACKUP BATTERY – The Smanos SS2800 Outdoor Siren is powered by a 12V DC adapter, but it also has a single 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery. This battery is a backup power supply so the siren will continue to function even during a power outage. The battery will power the outdoor siren for up to seven days. You can count on this device to always be reliable.
  • EASY TO SET UP – This outdoor siren can be easily mounted using the included positioning paper and screw kit. The siren housing is waterproof, dust tight, and designed for outdoor use, so it will be able to withstand any weather. The siren can be mounted on the outside of your house, apartment, or small business. Place it near one of your doors, windows, or wherever it will effectively deter intruders and attract your neighbor’s attention, but high enough to be not reachable by ladder
  • TRIGGERED BY ANY SMANOS SENSOR – Whether your outdoor siren is functioning as a standalone control panel or connected to a Smanos home security system, it will communicate wirelessly with your other Smanos devices. Whenever a motion sensor or a door and window sensor is triggered, the 105 decibel siren will sound, and the strobe light will start flashing.
  • EXPANDABLE SECURITY SYSTEM – One of the best things about Smanos home security systems is that they can be expanded with many additional devices. This enables you to set up a sophisticated security system throughout your whole house or small business. Smanos makes motion detectors, water sensors, sensors for your windows and doors, smart video doorbells and WiFi HD cameras, indoor and outdoor sirens, and more.

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Outdoor Alarm Siren with LED Strobe Light Notes

  • SS2800 can only get paired with smanos products from official shops and authorized distributiors
  • Temper-protection Device and Super durable construction
  • Weatherproof material with Highly Resistant ABS Housing, UV prevention
  • Installation Mode to keep away from all of the embarrassing moment everytime your alarm goes off during.

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