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Exterior lighting is an integral part of a home. Wall lighting can create a beautiful illuminated atmosphere outdoors and also provide much needed safety. The modern outdoor wall lights provide ambient lighting, more directed light. There’s a vast array of options that can blend into your home’s exterior and provide an aesthetic appeal all on their own. Most outdoor wall lights will be rated just on the basis of weather exposure. But if you live in a wet or harsh environment, then look for marine-grade finishes that can tolerate heavy UV, moisture and salt exposure.

Outdoor Wall Lighting


Beyond their looks, outdoor wall lights can do much more. They might fit-in as your perfect porch light letting a pool of illumination fall around your feet – may help you find your keys. Whether or not you have intricate exterior textures, these wall lights will improve your home’s look and scale up the safety factor when installed all around the perimeter of the house.

Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re running the gamut from function to flair, wall lights will be handy. They come in a wide array of styles and serve many purposes. Wall lighting can provide the necessary illumination to accent architectural features and artwork. They add task lighting or serve as decor lighting all on their own. To simplify this buyer’s guide, we have framed the info in Question & Answer (Q&A) format. So, let’s get started!

Why do you Need Wall Lights?


When “wall lights” are concerned, the first notion that pops up to many people is of an ornamental sconce that provides a minimal illumination beyond an accent light. While this application is certainly important as a decorative feature, wall lights also serve multiple functions – reading, proper task lighting and general safety. And wall lights are the prime components of layered lighting, which adds both beauty and utility to overall design schemes.

Where should you Use Wall Lighting?


Wall lights have numerous applications. They can be fit in rooms, indoors and outdoors. Fit next to ceiling lights, a wall-mounted fixture provides supplemental illumination. Apart from that, while using wall lights in place of overhead lighting, creates an ambient atmosphere and can alleviate glare. Tip: In bathrooms, vanity lights are a key part of light layering. Flank a mirror with wall fixtures to dispel shadows from your face that overhead lights tend to cast.

In an office or a workspace, a wall-mounted swing-arm light is a practical alternative to a traditional desk lamp, freeing up your horizontal surfaces for your tasks. Artwork will be better displayed beneath a picture light, while sculptures and other architectural details benefit from wall-mounted spots. Outdoor wall lights are commonly used on the porch and along exterior walls for security, though many designs provide a decorative touch along with safety features.

In rooms where overhead lighting and floor or table lamps will do much of the lighting work, wall lights are still a valuable addition to add ambiance and to brighten corners that may become gloomy after sunset. Flank large windows with wall sconces to emulate the effect of daylight coming in. To light your way into the room, add a wall light near a particularly dark corner or next to a doorway. And by keeping all your lights on separate switches allows for better control of your lightscape. Wall lights are particularly suited to dimmer switches, allow you to control/set the mood of the room.

How many Wall Lights do you Need?


To get the most out of your wall lights, placement is the key. A good practice is to hang them at an approximate eye level for about 5.5 to 6 feet. Consider the height of your ceilings and the size of the fixture, as these factors are equally important. An essential factor is that whatever height you hang your wall light at, make sure not be in eye-to-eye contact with an exposed light bulb.

Wall lights are commonly used in hallways. But the long, dark corridor can quickly start to resemble a runway if too many lights are installed.

So, how many would suffice? – One fixture for every 8 – 10 feet should be adequate. Choose the number according to the space, lumen output and size of the room and fixtures. To stagger the lights so that they don’t line up across the hallway is a natural configuration you can opt for. Of course, you can scale up the fixture numbers for a decorative statement.

Also, how far your fixture protrudes from the wall is a matter of concern: Narrower halls, stairwells and rooms with heavy traffic near walls are best served by fixtures that keep a low profile.

Types of Wall Lights available

Choosing the right wall light for your tasks isn’t complicated, as there are a handful of basic types:

  • Uplights – They are suitable for accent lighting and set an ambient atmosphere
  • Downlights – They may accent walls too, but more commonly illuminate the ground for a practical purpose
  • Reading and swing arm lights – They have adjustable components that can bring the light to you
  • Bath and vanity lights – These are designed for even & glare-free illumination
  • Picture lights and spotlights – These are used to draw attention to— Say – pictures and artwork

Note: Few wall sconces are both uplights and downlights. So, you get the best of both features. Many wall lights come up with built-in switches for individual control, while those with pin-up kits can be plugged into any available outlet bypassing the need to hardwire. While few wall sconces are bright enough to lit up a room alone, installing multiples around the room or as a focal point can be beautiful and set a dramatic pattern.

What if you don’t have a Wall Box?

Suppose, if you’re a renter or just don’t want to enlist the work of an electrician, no issues. You can hang wall lights in your home on your own. Plug-in wall sconces are the best choice for you. These wall lights plug into a standard outlet and come with a pin-up kit that hangs the fixture anywhere you’d like to. The wall box isn’t required. They could be ideally placed on both sides of a bed, in a reading nook and serve the decorative-yet-functional purpose.

How to co-ordinate Wall Lights?

Coordinating your wall lights is easy. So, how to do it? You can integrate wall lights into your décor. The first step is determining what you’ll use the light for. Say, for example, installing a reading light depends on where your sofa or favorite chair is placed in the room. 

Secondly, be clear on your agenda. What is your need focused more on? Decoration or utility? Choose one. While there are thousands of choices that strike a perfect balance between form and function, you can narrow down your selection by deciding whether your wall light should blend into its space or become a focal point.

Solar Outdoor Wall Lighting

So, after getting to know all the necessary info on how to choose the wall lights, its time to level up. So, check the solar outdoor wall lights. Outdoor solar wall lights are a simple and low-cost way to add beautiful, warm accent lighting to your outdoor spaces.

Ideal for lighting decks, outdoor steps, fences, or around a pool, our solar wall lights are a simple and low-cost way to add beautiful, warm white accent lighting to your outdoor spaces. And since they’re solar powered LEDs you’ll never need to worry about wiring, finding an outlet, replacing a bulb, or your electric bill.

You don’t always need electricity to add lighting in certain areas of your home or business. Skip the hassle of rewiring and go with a stylish solar wall light from Earthtech Products. These wall-mounted fixtures offer bright LED lighting that illuminates spaces perfectly without the use of an outlet or in-wall wiring. Instead, you can simply install the light with the included wall mounting brackets or accessories in the exact location you want.

Then, subtle solar panels will collect energy to give you beautiful illumination throughout the day. These solar panel wall lights are especially popular near entryways, garages, decks and other outdoor spaces where the lamps can collect plenty of energy. The illumination they offer is attractive and can even add a layer of safety to your property.

With other types of wall-mounted lights, you’ll have to jump through hoops to make sure you can have it wired properly. Plus, you’ll face the increase in your utility bills if you plan to use the light often. That’s a real concern for people who want a light that stays on all night outdoors.

By choosing solar wall mount light, you eliminate those concerns can get easy, hassle-free lighting wherever you need it. Another bonus, of course, is that solar lighting is much better for the environment. So you can enjoy that beautiful and bright LED illumination without feeling guilty about your carbon footprint.

How solar light works:

The solar light has a solar panel that converts sunlight into electricity. During the day, the converted electricity is stored in the rechargeable Ni-MH batteries. At night, the solar light is powered by the batteries using the electricity stored during the day. Tip for the winter: Keep debris and snow off the solar panel to allow the batteries to recharge.

Check out these Solar Outdoor Wall Lights:

BEAU JARDIN Solar Outdoor Garden Lights


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This solar LED pathway light is covered with a Hexagonal Lattice glass diamond-patterned lamp-shade for a fancy lighting effect on Ground. Adds unique decorative charm to any landscape; ideal for garden, lawn, patio, yard, walkway and driveway. No worries about rain, snow, frost, or sleet.

LITOM Solar Outdoor Lights


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With the Litom wide-angle Lighting Design, the illumination range can be improved up to 270°. It means that the coverage area of Basic 24 LED is almost three times as much as other solar lights. Equipped with the enhanced PIR motion sensor, LITOM motion sensor light can detect any movement up to 26ft/8m at a 120° detection angle. Suits perfectly for your front door, yard, garage, fence & path.

Lemontec Solar Outdoor Lights


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Looking to upgrade your home’s security features? Lemontec outdoor lights are the best choice for you. They provide better and practical motion detector solar lights. They operate through three modes: Strong Long Light Mode, Dim Light Sensor Mode & Strong Light Sensor mode. Have got Ip65 rating. They are durable – all weather-resistant & heatproof. Have got auto-on and auto-off functionality that operate by sunrise & sunset. 

Aootek Led Solar Outdoor Lights


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Aootek solar lights with a unique wide-angle design create a wider luminosity. The maximum lighting angle can reach 270 degrees. Mount in the direct sunshine place to ensure better performance. This solar outdoor light automatically turns on when it senses the motion of someone driving to your house or walking to your door. This solar motion sensor light can be mounted on the wall with provided wall plug and screws in seconds, no cable or wire necessary.

InnoGear Solar Outdoor Lights


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The InnoGear outdoor light comes with wall mounting interface as well as a ground spike, which is perfect to be stuck into the ground or mounted on the wall without wire required. The spotlights charge automatically during daytime and the built-in light sensor allows the light to auto power on at dusk and turns off at dawn.


There are numerous varieties of wall lights that range from ultra-modern to vintage in just about every color, finish and shape. But, neutral metals with white or ivory glass are classic choices you can go for. There is no mandatory rule that dictates whether your sconces must match your chandelier. So, just mix it up with different colors and styles.

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