Capstone 4-in-1 Eco-I-Lite 16 LED Emergency Preparedness Flashlight Review

//Capstone 4-in-1 Eco-I-Lite 16 LED Emergency Preparedness Flashlight Review

Capstone 4-in-1 Eco-I-Lite 16 LED Emergency Preparedness Flashlight Review

Capstone 4-in-1 Eco-I-Lite 16 LED Emergency Preparedness Flashlight

Capstone-4-in-1-Eco-I-Lite-16-LED-Emergency-Preparedness-Flashlight-productExperience the superior quality of the Bluetech LED Emergency Preparedness Portable Unit with motion detection features. This unit has a unique design and features, which make it simple to use and powerful as well. Designed to be both compact and appealing at the same time, the Bluetech LED emergency preparedness portable unit is the ultimate solution for your needs. The light works well for various lighting applications, and it is also simple to install as well. To make things even much more appealing, the light has a unique design aesthetic, which means it can easily complement your interior décor in many ways. You can carry this light along with your everywhere you go. Whether you want to read a novel late in the night, check on the alley cats or stray dogs in your backyard, this light is powerful enough to do the job. Best of all, this unit is ergonomic in design, which means that it fits well into the user’s hands. It can also be used on a desk, and its portable, which makes it ideal for a host of other unique lighting applications.

Features and Benefits

Motion sensors- once the light detects any motion, it can automatically switch on. Besides that, after 10 to 15 seconds of no movement, the LED flashlight will turn off until it detects motion again. The unique motion sensor features make the light ideal for burglar proof benefits. Besides that, it also does well to keep away stray cats and dogs that may get through your fence.

Bright LED light- the bluetech LED emergency light also comes with as many as five LED light bulbs that provide exceptional brightness and lighting benefits. The light is also handy for use during outdoor and camping applications as well. The unique white light is not only bright, but it won’t cause any strain even when used for several hours.

Rechargeable- the sensor on this flashlight is also designed conveniently to work as a rechargeable docking station. The light is also reliable, and it can be easily utilized in the likelihood of emergencies. The rechargeable battery means that you can use the Bluetech LED emergency light for several hours with any hassles.

Compact- users of this light will also appreciate that it is ultra slim and lightweight, which makes it simple to use the light in various ways. The light can be used on a desk, it is portable and handheld, which makes it ideal for reading at night. Designed to be compact, the light can be taken to almost everywhere you go. It also takes up a small footprint in your space, which makes the perfect lighting solution.

Nightlight- the added benefit of using this lights is that it also features multifunctional benefits. The detachable front flashlight consists of as many as 15 LED light bulbs, which can be used for nightlights or reading applications. The unique brightness of the light does well to illuminate your chosen area with the best light.

Product applications/uses

This light is suitable for a host of unique lighting applications. Designed to be compact and portable at the same time, the Bluetech LED Emergency Preparedness Portable Unit with motion detection is ideal for various applications. You can use it as a handheld light, when you experience power outages or when you are perhaps exploring the outdoors. Besides that, you can also install it as a lighting application on your property, whereby the light provides reliable lighting benefits for your needs. In other words, this unit is dynamic to suit various applications. The nightlight also serves as a big plus for this flashlight and it’s also suitable for multifunctional applications. Additionally, it is also detachable, and the front flashlight features 15 LED light bulbs that can be used for nightlights and reading applications as well.



  • This sensor flashlight is convenient
  • It is also compact and lightweight in design
  • The light contains several LED light bulbs
  • The light is also rechargeable


  • The motion sensor is sometimes inaccurate

Product Comparison

Leonlite 42w 4ft led wraparound linear flush mount ceiling lighting


Experience the superior quality of the Leonlite 42w 4ft LED wraparound linear flush mount ceiling lighting. This unit comes with unique features to make it an excellent addition to your property. It is a unique wraparound lighting fixture that is suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Using this lighting fixture provides safety and assurance for your unique lighting needs. It also features a high transmission lampshade, that allows the light to pass through the side and front surfaces. As a result, the light provides a unique covering illumination that is much better than most light fixtures. It also consists of an energy saving light that can provide an exceptional 50,000-hour long lifespan. Never has been installing a lighting application on your property been this easy. This unit is not only simple to install, but it also works well for various types of lighting applications. Additionally, you may also appreciate the unique design of the light, that does well to complement the area in which you install the light. The developers of this light have also done well to ensure that the light is not only durable, but it also provides enhanced protection for your lighting applications. Choose this light and instantly improve the lighting and appeal of your property.


The Leonlite 42w LED wraparound linear flush mount ceiling light is the perfect addition to your property at a price of $179.99. While this seems somewhat costly than most lighting applications today, the unique features of this unit make it suitable for your needs. It is also durable and can provide years of reliable lighting power.

Technical features

  • Voltage: 120-267V
  •  Wattage: 50W
  • Luminous flux: 4500lm
  • Beam angle: 130°
  • Working temperature: -5℉- 122℉
  • Material: Cold-roll aluminum
  • Lifespan: 60,000 hours


  • This light is made using durable materials
  • It is also simple to install
  • The light provides an exceptional 60,000 hours of light
  • The light also works in damp locations


  • The light requires maintenance at some point
  • It also requires precise installation otherwise water might compromise the interior

4 Foot Integrated Low Profile Linear Flushmount Ceiling Lighting


The Antlux 4ft LED garage light provides high performance, long lifespan and energy savings for general purpose applications. The light is bright, cheap and it can function effectively than most fluorescent bulbs that you often come across today. A step up from the 4ft linear flush mount light, this light is not only bright, but it also does well to complement the appeal of your property. Besides that, the light works as the ideal energy saving replacement for both remodel and new construction applications. With the highly durable construction, this light does well to provide years of reliable performance. It is also simple to install, and it consists of durable steel construction with know out on the ends. The inclusion of the prismatic acrylic cover offers enhanced light output and improved illumination benefits. More so, the light also allows for quick installation and with a contractor friendly design to suit your lighting applications. This light can also be surface mounted to walls and ceilings for enhanced variability benefits. The outstanding thermal solution suit allows for usage in commercial settings and to provide wide angle brightness control benefits. Plus, the energy efficient LED technology reduces energy usage and costs. The light can produce an exceptional 4800 lumens for 4ft LED light fixture benefits.


Available at an average price of $46, AntLux 4ft LED Garage Shop Lights, LED Wraparound Light Fixture is the ideal addition to your property. The light is very powerful, and the unique design does well to complement your property. Therefore, the price tag on this unit makes it a reasonable investment for your unique lighting needs.

Technical features

  • Wattages: 50W
  • Lumens: 4700lm
  • Color Temperature:5000K Neutral white
  • Operate Voltage: 100-267V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 49 x 8 x 2.9 inches


  • This light has a unique wraparound design for convenience
  • It is also durable for improved longevity benefits
  • The light offers energy saving benefits


  • The mounting is prone to staining

Final conclusion

All things considered, choosing the appropriate lighting installation for your needs has its inherent benefits. Equipped with the best light, illumination issues can no longer be a challenge for your needs. The Bluetech LED Emergency Preparedness Portable Unit with Motion Detection is a dynamic light that you can use for various applications, and it’s also handheld as well. That said the price tag, even if the price tag seems costly, the performance of the light validates the performance of the light. Besides that, the 4 Foot Integrated Low Profile Linear Flushmount Ceiling Lighting and the Leonlite-42w-4ft-led-wraparound-linear-flush-mount-ceiling-lighting are equally useful. Both these lights are designed to provide solid lighting performance and quality.


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